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How Travolic Works

Travolic was established to respond to the digital evolution and present a unique service for travelers all over the world. To book flight and hotels online is now unavoidable. But to find the cheapest flight and accommodation prices that suit your needs is not that easy task. For this reason, we worked on building Travolic platform to add value to travelers across the globe. Through Travolic, you can search for flights to find a huge array of flight options with diverse prices and utilities to filter and sort and, finally, find what suits your needs with no extra fees for searching. To search for flights on Travolic, you do not have to sign up. However, registering with Travolic will enable you to complete your reservation and, further, receive our newsletters about our latest news and features.

1. Just reach our website and insert the required fields: the Destination you are traveling from, the Destination you traveling to, departure and returning dates, and the cabin class. 2. Define the flight type: One Way, Round-Trip (that includes one flight to a destination and another flight back from that destination), or Multi-City (an itinerary that passes over multiple points or destinations “but not back from any of them”, for example, from Point A to Point B and then to Point C. 3. Click “Search Flights” to find a plethora of flight options, which you can filter based on many options, like price and one-stop or non-stop. 4. By deciding on your preferred option, you will be able to book the flight with no extra fees from our side.

Actually, there are many factors that govern the process of showing the results to the users. By combining the flight information, our search engine automatically shows the results based on first the price and traveler ratings and then come other criteria that may affect your comfort, like the duration and stops. But eventually you will have the capability to tailor your flight by filtering the options to get what you need.

You can easily weigh the factors and get the best option that suits you. Finding the cheapest flight does not mean that you have got the best option. For example, you may save a small amount but get a flight that has a 10-hour stopover. That does not mean that you have got the best flight. The quality and rating of the service provider is an important factor that you have to count. For this reason, you can check how our recommended suggestions that may guide you.

Travolic search engine scans hundreds of traveling websites and airlines at once to come up with numerous options from across the web. We always strive to have the most accurate and recent information. However, unintentional inaccuracies may occur because the provider site is not updating their inventory with us or was not connected to our site correctly. There is another possibility that the deal might be taken by another user at the same time. Another scenario is website caching that we need in order to keep the website speed up. In general, the service provider should give us an updated inventory of prices every 24 hours.